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Jiangsu Pumali  Biotechnology Co., Ltd. set pharmaceutical equipment R & D, production and sales in one, for the biopharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry to provide by the process design, equipment manufacturing, verification system, after-sales service clean, sterile, sterile delivery solution The 2016 registered in Taizhou, in June 2017 registered capital from 5 million yuan to 10 million yuan, and the company name was changed from "Hongshan Pharmaceutical Equipment Taizhou Co., Ltd." to "Jiangsu Pumali Biotechnology Co., Ltd." We have a professional team and mature technology, determined to become a professional, specific pharmaceutical equipment suppliers. 

The company's core products: hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, hydrogen peroxide sterilization transfer window, appliance cleaning machines, laboratory equipment and sterile isolators.

The company's core business: technical services, equipment maintenance, spare parts supply and verification documents.
Address:Taizhou City Jiangyan Room 2206, 2nd floor, kaichuang business center, suzhong mould park    Tel:0523-88391108    Fax:0523-88391108
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