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PML - M01 mini hydrogen peroxide sterilizer


Product introduction


PML (VSTM01 hydrogen peroxide sterilization, the use of hydrogen peroxide at room temperature gas more ability to kill spores than liquid, the effect of hydrogen peroxide principle is through the complex chemical reaction solution from a highly active hydroxy] [hydrogen and oxygen (OH) - radicals, destroy the cell membrane; Hydrogen peroxide hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), easy to decompose to produce atomic state oxygen (O) and hydroxyl radical (OH ·), has a strong oxidation, can destroy bacteria cell membranes and proteins, amino acids, enzymes, and DNA and make the microbial death.



The performance characteristics of


Hydrogen peroxide is safe and pollution-free, without producing harmful residues;

The hydrogen peroxide is distributed evenly, and the sterilization effect is 300 times of the liquid.

The sterilization cycle is short and the sterilization + disinfection time is 2-4 hours.

The sterilization space is large, the single stage can be destroyed 0-500m cubic space;

The sterilization effect is good, can achieve 6Log sterilization level;

Directly in the room, no need to increase the pipeline, no need to place the spoiler fan;

Good material compatibility, no erosion of walls, floors and equipment.

It can be used for sterilization of room, pass window and isolator.

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