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PML - GHP hydrogen peroxide sterilization window


Transfer window with gasification hydrogen peroxide sterilization function/ark is usually used in the pharmaceutical industry, especially the vaccine production enterprise product or between different level of clean room and instrument of transfer, avoid to cause secondary pollution.

Items by low-level room, first in gasification hydrogen peroxide passing ark, of the object surface by gasification hydrogen peroxide in addition to the biological pollution, use of turbulent flow and HEPA again, after capturing dust particles (Particle), again by clean items into the clean area (such as class B area), which can effectively reduce pollution risks between different level of clean room, improve the quality of the products.

Transfer window standard models: PML (GHP500/1000/1500/9000/1000/1500

GHP - - Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Pass Box gasified Hydrogen Peroxide transfer window

-- -- -- -- -- - 500 l, 500 is 0.5 m after

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