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BJ - 2 disintegrating time tester


The disintegrating time tester is used to check the disintegration of solid agents under specified conditions.


Applicable standards

A 2015 edition of the pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China.

The enterprise standard "disintegrating time tester" Q / 12XQ0188-2013.


The main features

Two cups, twelve pipes.

Double cup double road, separate operation of each road, can be controlled separately, automatic time stop.

Automatic control temperature, high temperature control precision.

Use imported stainless steel for hanging baskets and hanging poles.

The temperature of water bath is uniform.

Automatic intelligent control temperature, time and return frequency three parameters.

The time parameter can be preset at will; Time values display preset values and real time values.

Automation: automatic detection, automatic diagnosis, automatic alarm.

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