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MY - 01A sealing tester


Test item: 1. Seal quality leak detection. 3. Leakage detection. 4. Bottle/container detection 5. Packaging inspection of aluminum plastic blister 6. Packaging integrity test 7. CO2 leakage detection

Main use

My-01a seal test instrument is suitable for sealing test of packaging bags, bottles, pipes, cans and boxes of food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, daily chemical, automobile, electronic components, stationery and other industries. It can also be used to test the sealing performance of specimens after falling and withstand pressure test.

The main features

The system adopts microcomputer control, with LCD screen and PVC operation panel convenient for users to conduct test operation and data view

The system adopts digital preset test vacuum degree and vacuum to ensure the accuracy of test data

Adopting pneumatic components imported from world-renowned countries, the performance is stable and reliable

The automatic constant pressure replenishing ensures that the test can be carried out in a preset vacuum condition

The professional software supports automatic anti-blow unloading and automatic end test function to ensure the smooth running of the test process

The sample holder can hold the sample to a position of more than 25 mm below the surface of the water.

All control buttons and electrical components are identified.

The test principle of

By vacuuming the vacuum chamber, the pressure difference of the sample in the water was generated, and the gas in the sample was observed to determine the sealing performance of the sample. Through vacuum chamber vacuum chamber, the test sample can be used to generate pressure difference inside and outside the sample, and the sample shape of the sample can be recovered after the sample is expanded and released, so as to determine the sealing property of the sample.

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